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Happy Birthday!!

Dollar Daisies is turning 5 and we are throwing the biggest party the internet has ever seen!!! And don't worry, you're all invited!!

We just put tons of new items on sale for our birthday event. Products from every category have been randomly selected to join the sale. Just look for the orange tag!!!

We also have a special daily deal running on three chevron skirts!! See below for the awesome deals!!!

We are starting another huge buy in for our birthday!!
This time get pettirompers, skirts, and pre-cut shabby flowers on our buy in!! Huge discounts on all of them if you buy bigger quantities!!

Check out these awesome items!!

Daily Deal!!
Chevron Skirts!!
Usually $4.99
Today $2.99

Grab Bag
Our Price: $9.99
Ribbon Lined Alligator Clip
Flower Grab Bag
Our Price: $9.99
Neon Lined Alligator Clips (Set of 50)
Our Price: $5.98
Sale Price: $5.49